Guest lectures

Banking and FinTech (MSc, MBA)

Islamic banking (MSc)

Econometrics (MSc)

Research Methods (MBA)

University of Surrey

Accounting and Finance (MSc)

University of Kent

Banking (2nd year)

Financial Econometrics (2nd year)

Risk Management (3rd year)

Financial Markets and Instruments (1st year)

University of Bath

Banking (MSc)

Empirical Finance (2nd year)

Lancaster University

Econometrics (MSc)

Advanced Time Series Econometrics (3rd year, MSc)

Forecasting (3rd year)

Student testimonies

"Dr Vasileios Pappas has been very helpful regarding feedback for my group work, and the module has been taught very well from start to finish - particularly seminar work has been very interesting and the module has been a positive learning experience."

"Good variety of topics, Good teaching of STATA"

"The content was truly interesting and it was something I haven’t learnt before."